21"/22"/23"/24"/25" Beige Color Canvas Block Head

Brand Name: Nellie's Way Beauty
Material:canvas head
Size:21-25inch wig stand
Item Type:Wig Stand
Model Number:Poly canvas head/Q
Item Type:Wig Stand hair tools For Making wig
Material:Poly inside Canvas Block head
Quantity:1 set cork canvas block head 50pcs T pins and One hloder
Free Gift:one hoder and 50pcs T pins
Function:Perfect for wig Making and Display and Styling
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)
Head Aplication:Very Easy and Convenient to Use, Great for Wig Making, Fixing Wig Maki
Usage:Canvas wig head for making wig and wig display, easy to put T pin on.
Color:Poly Inside Canvas Block Head. (Poly is not Styrofoam. Poly is more DU
Head Installation:Base with Mounting Hole Easy to Install and Match with Any Wig Clamp
wig making kit:salon mannequin head stand, wig stands pro
50 pcs wig pins/ Tpins free gift:wig stand with head
canvas head:manikin head block head
wig head stand:wig stand
21~25" Color Canvas Block Head:50 inch mannequin head stand
training mannequin head style:wig making kit, wig accessories
wig head:wig mannequin head stand style
1pcs mannequin head holder:wig head and wig stand
wig head with stand feature:Training Mannequin Head Wig Stand
Prosthesis Doll Holder Brackets:21/22/23/24/25 inch manikin head
canvas block head:wig making tools
wig making kits:1pcs canvas mannequin head
wig accessories:salon mannequin head