A Better Me (Online Retreat) by BuddyBall Band

Fulfilled by our friends at BuddyBall Band

Coming on August 20 

Are you ready to take your wellness to the next level with us?
Wellness Retreats are coming soon with BBB so you can take care of your body, mind and fitness together all in one day!
Who is this for?
Busy moms, busy entrepreneurs and women who cannot commit to a week long retreats.
-One day classes at your own pace
-Personalize your needs
-Part Live training and pre recorded too.
-BBB System Included in price.
Empower yourself and renew your energy with us!
-Mind Training: Brain health with Paula from Neuromomceo and easy mindfulness and meditation for new students too with Maike from SmileOclock.
-Fitness and Nutrition: Fitness with Buddy Ball Band for any level and BBB class with our experts too pre recorded.
Nutrition guides and to jumpstart weight loss and strengthen your immune system.
-Beauty Face massage with Lyn Lozano who is an expert in massage and also facials she will show you how to massage your face to get a more wrinkle free beautiful complexion.



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