Amethyst Heart Gold Ring by Tiny Rituals


Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Sweet and serene, the delicate dream of the Amethyst Heart Gold Ring places a crown of love, spirituality, and pure thinking upon your finger. This simple beautiful band of 14k gold meets at the center with a heart-shaped emblem holding a soft purple-hued true Amethyst gemstone. Amplifying powerful cosmic energy, bodily healing, and dream-scaping, this ring is radiant with positive big picture energy.

“With this ring, I stand in serene balance with purity, central wisdom, and a clear open mind”


The cosmic trilogy of body, mind, and soul meet their match with the Amethyst Heart Gold Ring. Gold for the body, the heart for the soul, and the Amethyst stone for lifting up the mind. These elements were meant to be. Gold is believed to be a cleanser with high detoxing powers when it comes to the body. It brings light and warmth to all the cold corners and keeps us pure and focused even in the eye of a storm.

The heart shape is the center of our love, affection, and soul connection with this world. It can also be seen as the locus that sits in our core as the center of our wisdom. Going beyond the ruminations of romantic love, the curve of the heart is balance, softness, and a commitment to love.

That leaves the Amethyst. One of the most serene and spiritual stones out there. Splashed in soft purple shades, the Amethyst connects to the crown chakra which is the gateway to higher thinking, the bridge to the cosmos, and a gem of courage, balance, and cutting out negative energies. Amethyst is a magic mind cleanser. It helps heal migraines, encourages deep sleep and dreamwork, and helps you tune in to your creativity and authenticity. With this heart shaped ring upon your finger, you can carry the ethos of body, mind, and soul, you can stay connected to this place and what sits beyond the periphery, and you can glow with a sense of self and purpose.


  • 14K gold plated + e-coated with unique and genuine Amethyst gemstone
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9
  • Comes with a description card



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