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Amethyst + Selenite Wish by Crystalline Tribe

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Fulfilled by our friends at Crystalline Tribe

This Amethyst + Selenite Bundle comes with a tag stating: 

"My wish is you feel protected and your space free from negativity."

A great gift for the crystal lover in your life with a little message to let them know they are supported. 


Spirituality ~ Abundance ~ Protection

An all-around protection stone. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, place in the office for help with business decisions.  It helps with emotional stability, encourages inner strength and clarity of the mind. Magnifies the crown chakra.

✨Selenite ✨ 

Clearing ~ Connection ~ Consciousness

Selenite is a must-have stone in your crystal collection. Selenite crystals were first named after the ancient Greek Goddess "Selene". The Goddess of the MOON. 🌙 (We love all things moon around here. ❤️) 

I have a piece of selenite in every room of my house to help clear unwanted energy and raise the vibration of the space. It is a stone that can Inspire you to release any insecurities and reach for your desires. Selenite is all about purity and honesty and inspires activation and reaching to a higher plane.

Selenite is 2 inches. 



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