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Ancient Living Calm Blended Oil by Distacart

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Ancient Living Calm Blended Oil 10 ml

Ancient Living Calm Blended Oil creates an overall calming and soothing ambience which helps you wind down. It is a blend of the purest and the most calming essential oils which will help relieve anxiety and Restless. It helps strike the perfect balance between your mind and body.

It drives away feelings of sadness and invokes joy. This essential oil for relaxation can create a perfect ambience for yoga or meditation. This will promote feelings of peace and calmness so that your body and mind will be able to function more efficiently.


  • Orange oil 
  • Lemon oil 
  • Lavender essential oils 
  • Lime oil 
  • Benzoin oil 
  • Grapefruit oil 

Best Before: 24 Months 

Directions for use

  • Diffusion: Use three to four drops in our Ancient Living electric vaporizers or candle vaporizers of your choice
  • Internal use: Do not take internally unless consulting with a qualified and expert practitioner

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