Attract Abundance - Premium Manifestation Smudge Kit (8 Pieces) by Conscious Items

Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items

Clear the air and make way for miracles! This premium manifestation smudge kit burns away limiting beliefs, repels pessimism, and attracts limitless opportunities for prosperity, transformation, and abundance. Call in rare experiences, attract serendipitous timing, and manifest a fulfilling life by smudging away mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz were handpicked for this kit to help bring you into alignment, transforming your energy into a magnet for everything you wish to manifest. 

Every element is represented in this smudge kit. Palo Santo as Fire, Natural luminescent Abalone shell as Water, White Sage Smoke as Air, and the Crystals represent Earth. Together, their essence supports your journey toward greatness. Lavender is also woven into one of the Sage bundles to deepen the cleanse and infuse your space with serenity.

When to use:

  • Smudge your office, study, room, or creative space–Anywhere you intend to be productive.
  • Smudge yourself before a big meeting, interview, proposal, or professional review.
  • Smudge your computer, phone, tool, and any object used to achieve goals and serve as a vessel for income and opportunities.
  • Smudge wallet, purse, bank cards, and pockets to attract wealth.

How to use:
Lay your tumbled crystals in the room that is being cleaned. Burn your sage until a gentle flow of smoke occurs. Place the sage in the hollow part of your Abalone shell to catch falling ash. With your dominant hand, wave the smoke outward toward the room or around your body. Move around the room in a clockwise manner. 

Ensure adequate ventilation as this is the cleansing aspect, so the smoke must escape. Once you’ve cleansed the energy, you can now invite positivity and intentions for your highest good using the Transformation or Prosperity Palo Santo sticks. Light the stick and wave the smoke around your body and through your space while reciting affirmations or intentions.

Keep a Dragon’s Blood Cone lit to evoke your intentions in your space between smudging ceremonies.



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