B-Vibe Anal Training Set of 3 Butt Plugs - Blue by Condomania.com


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Ranging from small to large, the b-Vibe anal training kit comes with three basic silicone butt plugs that are designed for all stages of anal training.

The silicone butt plugs are made from 100% body-safe silicone. The narrowly rounded tips allow for comfortable insertion, and the silky-smooth material provides zero discomforts when worn for extended periods.

If an anal play goal is to insert a toy or penis, start off with fingers and then begin with the smallest plug, followed by the next size, etc. 

B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-1

Small silicone butt plug

The small silicone butt plug is a non-vibrating, beginner's friendly anal toy with a flexible neck and flared base.


B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-2

Rechargeable vibrating butt plug

The medium vibrating butt plug features a powerful motor and can be recharged via the included USB for endless anal play.


B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-3

Large weighted butt plug

Weighing 180g, the largest plug-in this anal training kit is a weighted butt plug that's designed to create a sensual feeling of fullness & pressure.


B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-4


Your guide to anal

A comprehensive guide that includes sex educator-approved how-to guides and easy step-by-step advice that will help you understand how to prepare your body for anal sex.


B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-5


Added accessories

The anal training kit comes with a discreet travel bag, a lubricant applicator to slick things up and an anal enema to help you prep before anal play.


B-Vibe Anal Training Set - Black-6



B-Vibe Anal Training Set of 3 Butt Plugs - Blue by Condomania.com