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Bloodstone Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals


Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

The healing flash of silver and the iron-rich beauty of Bloodstone come together in this delicate yet mighty Bloodstone Silver Ring. Perfect for those who want to realign the lower chakras, stay protected, and tap into their own power reserves, this ring will sing out with your own warrior spirit. Let this ring keep you fired up, riled up, and ever ready for action.

“With this ring, I align my lower chakras, find my power, and rise in my warrior spirit”


Bloodstone is always a welcome sight. Dark swathes of green come mottled with vibrant red as chalcedony and red jasper dance together. The Greeks believed that Bloodstone represented life and was a gift from the gods. In the middle ages, it was believed to have been created by the blood of Christ hitting the earth on the day of his crucifixion. As you can see, this striking gem is cloaked in lore. 

Bloodstone has the power to bring prosperity, fill your heart with compassion, and keep you connected to your healing journey. The presence of red jasper works wonders on those lower chakras, helping your root to dig down deep and keeping your sacral and solar plexus fires stoked. The green of chalcedony clears out any heart chakra blockages so you can surrender to love and possibility without feeling like you are putting your power on the line. 

Physically Bloodstone also comes blessed with powers. It is known to be a stone that helps with all kinds of blood disorders and issues related to PMS or pregnancy. It can also boost energy and fuel motivation. The flash of silver also brings its own healing energy - known for being a cleanser, illuminator, and a big emotion balancer, this precious metal helps you to stabilize.


  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver 
  • 3mm Faceted Bloodstone Gemstone 
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9 
  • Made in India with Love 
  • Comes with a description card