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Blue Sapphire Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Wisdom, joy, and the art of clarity flash and dance in the drama and delight of these Blue Sapphire Silver Stud Earrings. Shining with a regal light, these Blue Sapphire Studs are connected to themes of integrity, inner knowledge, and cultivating a life well lived. The silver sparkle also brings its own glory - offering clear-headed thinking and emotional balance to deepen insight. 

“With these earrings, I connect my voice to my wisdom and step into integrity”


Blue Sapphire is one of the most elegant and elevating stones out there. This precious gem is intrinsically linked with power, opulence, truth-seeking, and knowledge. The sapphire stone was used by the Ancient Greeks to earn favor with the god Apollo and even in our modern world, it is gifted to couples on their 45th wedding anniversary as a symbol of unlocking higher wisdom and reaching longevity. 

The Blue Sapphire is all about knowledgeand like many blue gemstones it is linked to the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the home of our truth and it's how we communicate our sense of self to the world. When it is open and in flow, we feel self-possessed and confident when asking for our needs to be met. Blue Sapphire also connects to the third eye chakra which is the seat of our inner wisdom and intuition. Wearing these Blue Sapphire studs serves as a bridge between your voice and your wisdom - linking both up so your word comes from a place of pure authenticity.

Silver is also rich in healing properties. This ancient precious metal is a symbol of gentle strength and resilience. Silver is strong but malleable, it can withstand all that is thrown its way and still shine. It also soothes and brings with it a certain kind of calmness and clarity that can be vital in decision-making. 


  • Unique Faceted genuine Blue Sapphire gemstones - Briolette Cut, Not Dyed
  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver Studs 
  • Approx. .25 inches wide 
  • Hand-hammered edges 
  • Made with love in India 
  • Comes with description card



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