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Boss Box, Work from Home Box, Travel Box by LA PAREA WELLNESS

Fulfilled by our friends at LA PAREA WELLNESS

Description: Have you ever been on a business trip and you realized you forgot your self-care essentials? This won’t happen anymore with our Boss Box Travel Essentials Kit, a selection product for you to take care of yourself wherever you go.

Set includes:

-Zen Face & Body Mist

-Vanilla Mint Lip Balm

-Palo Santo Relaxing Body Balm

-La Creme Styling Cream

-Guayusa Blend (4 teabags)

-Pillow soft Beauty Nap mask from 41Winks

-Travel Bag

Ingredients:Guayusa, shea butter, palo santo, lavender oil.

Overall Weight:10 Oz.

Use:Do you need a beauty and renovation nap before your business meeting? or just simply relax and put your anxiety and stress aside? Balance your work boss energy: drink a nice cup of our Guayusa tea, apply some of our Zen mist all over the room and your face, hydrate your lips and hair with our vegan lip balm and La Creme.  Last, apply some of our palo santo on your neck to relief muscle tension and put on your eye mask. Even if it is for 5 min this will feel like the time you need to recover and get back to action! Enjoy




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