Carnelian Mala - High-Energy Gemstones by Tiny Rituals


Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Let the fire of Carnelian light up your life with these Carnelian Mala beads. Lovingly crafted from 108 beads made from semi-precious orange and red Carnelian stones, this beaded necklace can help to boost energy, amp up confidence, and awaken all the passion, zest, and creativity stashed in your sacral chakra. 

“With this mala, I welcome warmth into the body and energize my mind”


Red Carnelian glows with its fiery force and deep sensuality with these prayer beads. Here to help focus the mind, deepen spiritual practices, and reconnect you to the present moment. Mala beads can be a magical talisman for all those who want to sit in splendor. The Carnelian stone is known for opening the playful and potent sacral chakra. It can also help stimulate warmth and heat through the body, along with boosting energy and raising your creative vibrations.


  • These Malas are Hand Knotted and can take 2-3 weeks to ship. If your Mala is not in stock and being strung, we will ship it separately within 2-3 weeks.  Thanks for your patience.
  • 6mm or 8mm high energy gemstones handcrafted knotted between each bead silk thread 108 beads



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