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Cashmere & Cardamom Candle by LA PAREA WELLNESS

Fulfilled by our friends at LA PAREA WELLNESS

Description: Imagine the exclusive aroma obtained by combining cashmere and cardamom into a candle that can be used for aromatherapy treatments and your body and skincare routine. Design as a frosted white vessel with white gold inside, elegance, and simplicity in a tiny package. 

Size: 15 oz. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, Soy wax, cashmere, cardamom. A warm, herbal musky fragrance

Use: Light up your candle to brighten up and decorate any room of your home or work. Enjoy the exquisite warm and herbal aroma, while having a nice cup of tea, coffee, or aromatherapy session, or even while working to ease the stress of the environment. After the wax is melted and cold it can be used for body massages. The vessel can also be used for a variety of purposes after the candle is consumed. 

Limited quantities are available!



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