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Cultivate your Love Journaling Prompts by PleaseNotes

Fulfilled by our friends at PleaseNotes

Connect with your true definition of love, the kind of love that you might of not let yourself say out loud. In answering these journal prompts, allow yourself to feel into them, immerse yourself in it happening right now in the present, and create an emotional anchor. This anchor is one that you can always come back to, and in doing so, make the love you desire feel more natural, more familiar, more….. right. This way, you will be able to recognize it and allow it when it comes instead of disregarding it or pushing it away. If you are already in a relationship, going through these questions will support you in deepening your relationship and focus on what you love so you can attract more of it.

Take time in answering these questions, be easy with yourself, you don’t have to answer all of them at once, or even right away. Take it easy, enjoy the process!



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