Divine Clarity - Tarot Cards by Conscious Items

Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items

With these tarot cards that offer insights into your soul, get ready to leap into a world of striking clarity.

Combining the power of your intuition with the divine wisdom of the Universe, these cards act as your personal spiritual mentor that attunes you to messages that you need to know. Not only do they bring high vibrations, light and enlightenment, but they also transform your decision making processes by propelling you on your journey to full healing and purpose.

Whenever you are in need of clarity and guidance, simply call upon your personal spiritual guide - this tarot deck. Concentrate on your intention while shuffling the deck, then pick the card that you are most drawn to. This card and its corresponding page in the guidebook will contain the insight and wisdom you need to hone in on your life’s purpose.

Take your manifestation practice and spiritual growth to the next level with these cards that will bring clarity to your soul’s purpose. With them by your side, divine guidance and direction cannot help but come through for your highest benefit.



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