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Ecuadorian Rose 9 oz Candle by LA PAREA WELLNESS

Fulfilled by our friends at LA PAREA WELLNESS

Ecuadorian Roses are among the most magnificent roses because of their size, color, and intoxicating fragrance. We have crafted our candle to be just like a bouquet of roses from Ecuador into a candle.

Our candle is infused with rose essential oils, natural pure soy wax, dried rose buds, and hibiscus flowers. The glass is an abstract vase with rose petals and real Gold flakes.

Our soy candles are hand-poured, and handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax & essential oils which allow them to burn longer and cleaner than any other candles. It can also be used safely on your skin for massages.

Candle Size: 9 oz

Burn Times by Size - 6 oz (25 hours) - 8 oz (45 hours) - 16 oz (80 hours) - 26 oz ( 125 hours)