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Garnet Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

The perfect pomegranate, these Garnet Stud Earrings in sterling silver lend their light, lore, and powerful lilt to all those who want to stand up and shine. It’s amazing that the flash of silver and the subtle dance of light on this enigmatic red stone can have such a positive pleasurable impact. Known for their sensual style, passionate prowess, and guiding light, these garnet studs are glorious.

“With these studs, I invoke warmth and light and stoke my inner fire even in the darkest hour”


Splashed in the sparkle of sterling silver and adorned with the glowy goodness of the Garnet stone, these garnet earrings are every inch as spellbinding as they sound. Garnet is afabled gem - said to be the only light on Noah's Ark and linked to the ancient Greek myth of Persephone, this gem has been collecting energy and power for thousands of years. Garnet is all fire and light, and this spills over into its heavenly healing. 

Glowy Garnet is good for the body, mind, and soul. This energetic gem taps into those lower chakras - strengthening the root, awakening the zest of the sacral, and giving light to your solar plexus. When these three chakras are clear and aligned, we have a lot of awesome energy awakening our passions, creativity, and flowing with ease and confidence - no matter what we are facing. As a January birthstone, Garnet also knows how to bring warmth and light even in the darkest hour. 

These garnet studs will kickstart your low libido and will help reconnect you to yourself in a soft and sensual way. They will also flush out negative thoughts and self-talk, and get you off the emotional rollercoaster by bringing balance. The sparkle of silver brings its own healing too - ensuring you open yourself to the magic of your own intuition and stay steady.


  • Unique Single Cut genuine Garnet gemstone
  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver Studs
  • Approx. .25 inches wide
  • Hand-hammered edges
  • Made with love in India
  • Comes with description card