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A Large Size VEGAN Condom

Glyde Maxi Condoms are large, ultra-thin condoms made with natural ingredients using a proprietary plant-based formula of sustainable natural rubber latex and a patented ‘double-dipping’ technology.

This latex blend is silky soft and a customer favorite. Thistle extract instead of animal-derived casein in their recipe makes them vegan; they have a low odor and a neutral taste than other condoms.

Contrary to popular belief, the thinnest material doesn't guarantee enjoyment - it's all about choosing the right size.

When a condom fits properly, it feels more natural and performs more reliably for both partners. Over 15% of men need a larger, more generously proportioned condom, and this condom is for the larger guys.

Vegan Society certified. Not tested on animals. Fair Trade and sustainably sourced rubber and thistle extract. Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip.

DON'T FORGET LUBE: All condoms require additional lube to enhance safety and pleasure. Water-based lube is recommended for use with condoms.

For the best experience, apply a small amount of lube inside the condom and a bit more to the outside.

Glyde Maxi Large Size Vegan Condoms by

$16.99 $18.99 10% Off