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Healing Resin Incense Pack by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Take a deep breath, increase your mental clarity, and soothe the mind with these specially selected fragrances of incense for healing. For thousands of years, burning incense has been a remedy for removing negative energies, promoting peace and harmony within a space, and gently nurturing healing in the body, mind and soul. This perfect healing pack brings fragrant smoke for smudging, ignites your sense of smell to bring you back to the body, and ensures that every trace of stress melts away. 

“With this incense, I soften by inside and outside space to welcome joy, abundance, and clarity”


Fragrant with positive energy and uplifting vibes, this healing resin incense pack is pure joy. Ripe with powerful cleansing energy, you can light up these rich aromas whenever you want to relieve stress, energetically clear your space, or simply soothe the mind before rest or meditation. Three hand-selected scents have been carefully chosen for their individual healing properties. 

Myrrh Resin is an ancient resin that was once worth more than gold. This beautifully perfumed incense is popular for use in religious ceremonies but also comes with a whole host of healing benefits too. It can purify a space, clear bacteria from a room, clear pain, and lull the body and mind into pure relaxation.

Black Ethiopian Resinis a divine lack and gold mix of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, and Styrax. It is known for its powerful protective properties, its sense of calm, and its ability to awaken spiritual awareness. The soft floral aroma brings the senses alive and clears tension. It is an excellent blend to use when meditatingor preparing a sacred space.

Frankincense and Sandalwood Resin is a beautiful blend that marries the healing elements of both of these natural gifts. Frankincense is all about promoting positive feelings of wellness, wonder, and soft relaxation. Sandalwood is all earthy cleansing tones, bringing with it clarity and cleansing vibes.


 Myrrh Select Resin  Black Ethiopian Resin  (Frankincense & Sandalwood) resin



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