Howlite Ganesh by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Calm and cooling to the touch, this Howlite Ganesha statue is sure to welcome you into a gentle flow. This pale white stone cracked with tributary like veins works just like a sponge when mopping up bad moods and negative vibes. When combined with the life lessons and wisdom that flows from the elephant god of Lord Ganesha, together they place you in a position of balance, love, and beautiful understanding.

“With this Howlite Ganesha, my mind is clear and my feet anchored to the floor”


The Howlite Ganesha is one of the best icons to have to hand for all those who need an anchor in the storm. Life can be full of turbulent motion and rather than control the swell, its simply best if you learn to ride the wave. This is exactly what the Howlite Ganesha can teach you. A pretty pint-sized carving of the Lord Ganesha is whittled from creamy Howlite. Howlite is known for its connection with the crown chakra, inviting you to explore higher realms and even reconnect with lessons from your past life.

That doesn’t mean that the Howlite Stone is all about elevated experiences. It’s a stone that ensures you always have one foot on the floor. It clears the monkey mind so you can settle into quiet contemplation, and it delves into the third-eye chakra, making space for you to touch base with your inner wisdom.

Combined with the vision of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha is ripe with rich lessons and succinct symbolism. With his large ears, he teaches us to listen well and to always filter out the true meaning. His big belly is a reminder that life is about digesting all that is good and bad. And his small eyes say focus and see everything – right down to the detail. Whether you want a talisman that soothes big moods or an icon that brings a flurry of detail into focus, let the Howlite Ganesha be your guide.


  • Genuine Howlite Gemstone
  • Approx. 1.5" high 1.5" wide
  • Statue varies in shape, size, and markings
  • Hand-carved with love in India
  • Comes with a description card



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