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Lapis Lazuli Heart by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Follow in the footsteps of artists and pharaohs with the sparkling blue and starlit hues of the Lapis Lazuli Heart. This blue stone heart overflows with wisdom, unhindered self-expression, and the energy to climb to the moon. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healer and can awaken those stashed away psychic abilities and help you to see further, feel deeper, and shine like the brightest of lights.

“With this heart, I make a sacred space inside myself”


Lapis Lazuli is one of the most ancient and mystical healing crystals. This stone was once cut into heart shapes to adorn the tombs of Egyptian kings. They are believed to continually guide you on a journey - from this life to the next. Lapis is overflowing with metaphysical properties and can be a kindred spirit when it comes to guiding you with the torch of your own intuition. Sometimes flickering, sometimes flaming – our intuition can forge a foundation on which our inner house can thrive. Just like a muscle, intuition needs strengthening, and this is what the speckled deep blue midnight sky of Lapis can do for you.

Lapis Lazuli is also a throat chakra and third eye chakra stone. These two chakras work in beautiful harmony when they are cleansed and clear and have space for pure energy to flow. The throat is the home of our truth and how we share our spoken desires with the world. There is so much importance to be found in finding faith in our words and Lapis compels us to speak out. The third eye chakra is the gateway to the well of wisdom and a sacred space for making sure we trust our own gut. 

That Lapis should be carved into a heart shape makes perfect sense for this stone that whispers truth and wisdom. If our heart is the lotus center of our being, this crystal connects directly with that divine idea.


  • Unique and genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstone
  • Approx. 2" long and 2" wide
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card