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Luxury Large Area Rug


Product information

This is a new soft printing floor mat made of flannel. It has beautiful colors and surprising thicknesses. It is suitable for the bedroom, living room, and baby room, and has the function of anti-slip and anti-fall.

Material: Flannel

Bottom: non-slip

Thickness: lightweight design

Use for: living room/bedroom/door/balcony

Cleaning method: cold water cleaning, hand washing/washing machine cleaning, wring dry after cleaning, and natural drying.

Packing method: folded or rolled

Size Reference

40x60cm ≈ 1.31x1.96ft
50x80cm ≈ 1.64x2.62ft
60x90cm ≈ 1.96x2.95ft
80x120cm ≈ 2.62x3.93ft
80x160cm ≈ 2.62x5.24ft
100x160cm ≈ 3.28x5.24ft
80x200cm ≈ 2.62x6.56ft
120x160cm ≈ 3.93x5.24ft
140x200cm ≈ 4.59x6.56ft
160x230cm ≈ 5.24x7.54ft
180x250cm ≈ 5.90x8.20ft
180x280cm ≈ 5.90x9.18ft


The product photos are taken by professional photographers and adjusted later, as much as possible to be consistent with the actual products. However, due to lighting, display deviation, and personal understanding of color, there may be some color difference between the actual product and the photo. It is not a product quality problem. Please refer to the actual product.

Due to the volume of the carpet being too large, it can only be packaged by folding. There will inevitably be creases, which is not a quality problem. The crease will disappear over time, and it can also be solved by ironing. I hope you can understand. Since this product is a special fabric, please don't worry about obvious creases.

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