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Malachite Silver Stud Earrings by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Swirled in gorgeous green hues, these Malachite Silver Stud Earrings are always serving up a rush of healing energy and big-hearted love. Malachite is a stone of positive transformation, and internal peace, and brings with it more than a touch of play. Ever ready to clear out negative experiences and nurture new growth, these sweet silver gemstone earrings are heavenly and hypnotic. 

“With these earrings, I get ready to rewrite my narrative and to own my story”


Malachite has long been casting its spell on people. This stone has a long history that dates back to 4000 BC and has been revered by the Ancient Greeks, ground down as pigment to adorn the eyes of Cleopatra, and beloved by healers in the Middle Ages. All these stories come cloaked in themes of strength, precision, beauty, wisdom, and healing and these are the moods that Malachite seems to capture. 

These Malachite earrings are here to gift inner strength and wisdom, to peel open the petals of your heart, and help you embrace all the amazing changes that could be coming your way. Sometimes we find ourselves resistant to change and pushing against it in a yang way when all we need to do is sit back, surrender, and trust in the universe to show us the way. As a green stone, Malachite is a heart healer and is ever ready to rid your love story of unwanted energy so you can rewrite the narrative and reclaim your sense of personal power.

The silver sparkle that accompanies these Malachite studs brings its own healing vibes to the mix too. Silver is a stabilizer - meaning that it can balance big emotions with elegance and ease. It also shines bright with clarity so that any muddy thoughts get rinsed out. 


  • Unique Faceted genuine Malachite gemstones - Cabochon Cut, Not Dyed
  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver Studs 
  • Approx. .25 inches wide 
  • Hand-hammered edges 
  • Made with love in India 
  • Comes with description card