Manifestation Magnet Pack of 4 by Conscious Items

Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items

Embrace your manifestation power with this beautiful 4-in-1 bracelet pack on you. Whenever you wish to manifest your greatest dreams, simply call upon these 4 crystals and allow them to take you on an expansive journey towards your heart’s desires.

Like a light at the end of a tunnel, the beautiful turquoise Amazonite drops little sprinkles of hope into your ray of vision, allowing you to manifest your goals with a mindset of confidence and optimism. Labradorite’s bright sheen is reminiscent of golden sunshine - its radiant light will attract your greatest desires to you in no time at all.

Amethyst’s high vibrational energy attunes you to divine guidance, so that you can manifest your heart’s deepest wishes with the Universe on your side, guiding you along the way. The deep blue hues of Lapis Lazuli give you insight on the aspects in our life that are holding you back, and provide you with strength to let them go. In doing so, you can truly step into your nature as a super attractor. If you’re a Sagittarius, this bracelet pack further accentuates your loyal and assertive nature, thus making you a manifestation magnet.

Altogether, these 4 crystals join forces in this amazing bracelet pack that will become your greatest manifestation companion.

Affirmation: Wear this bracelet set on you, either separately or together, whenever you need that extra manifesting power, and recite this powerful mantra: “I am a manifestation magnet.”

As the bracelet is made of natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.



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