Master Cleanse - Deluxe Smudging Kit (10-Pieces) by Conscious Items

Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items

Ready to press the energetic reset button? 

Invite peace, love, and harmony to your aura and environment with this all-in-one ceremonial smudge kit. Harness the healing power of all elements with Palo Santo as Fire, Abalone shell as Water, Feather & Smoke as Air, and the Crystals represent Earth. Together they evoke balance and transform the energy of your space.

Inspires instant relief and immediately uplifts your mood and energy.

Amethyst and Rose Quartz were specifically selected for this kit to induce comfort and serenity into your smudging ceremony and strengthen the efficacy of the spiritual cleansing.

Complete your smudge by resting the Sage and Palo Santo inside the Abalone Shell, which sits snug on the custom, handcrafted wooden stand.

Feel renewed and refreshed with every use.

When to use:

  • Prepare yourself and your space for a spiritual practice like meditation and journaling.
  • Release negative energy from your aura.
  • Cleanse your crystals and other divinity tools
  • Reset the energy in your office
  • Clear out residual vibes that may linger in your home
  • Purify guests as they enter your space
  • Clear items that may have negative energy attached to them

How to use:
Lay your tumbled crystals in the room that is being cleaned. Burn your sage until a gentle flow of smoke occurs. Place the sage in your Abalone shell. With the feather, dust smoke using your dominant hand. Move around the room in a clockwise manner. 

Ensure adequate ventilation as this is the cleansing aspect, so the smoke must escape. Once you’ve cleansed the energy, you can now invite positivity and intentions for your highest good using the Palo Santo stick. Light the stick and wave the smoke around your body and through your space while reciting affirmations or intentions.



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