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Modern Rectangular Anti Skid Printed Area Rug

Crystal velvet 1
Crystal velvet 2
Crystal velvet 3
Crystal velvet 4

Product information

This is a soft crystal velvet carpet woven from high-quality polyester fiber. It is soft, close to the skin, comfortable for the feet, and easy to clean. The pattern is made of 3D printing, which is beautiful and bright in color. This kind of carpet is cost-effective and a good helper for family decoration.

Material: Polyester fiber

Bottom: non-slip

Thickness: about 5 mm

Use for: hallway/Stairs/entryway/balcony

Packing method: folded or rolled


1. About  color difference

The product photos are taken by professional photographers and adjusted later, as much as possible to be consistent with the actual products. However, due to lighting, display deviation, and personal understanding of color, there may be differences between the actual product and the photo. It is not a product quality problem. Please take a look at the actual product.

2. About  creases

Due to the volume of the carpet is too large, it can only be packaged by folding. There will inevitably be creases, which is not a quality problem. The crease will disappear over time, and it can also be solved by ironing. I hope you can understand.

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