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Sacred alchemy | Amethyst potion bottle by Terra Luna Sol

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Fulfilled by our friends at Terra Luna Sol

Sacred Alchemy | Potion bottle necklace
Our best-selling potion bottle necklaces feature a genuine crystal point with an inner vial to hold your sacred perfume essential oils or moon water.
The power of crystals + sacred plants? Magic 🔮
Transform your daily energy with the sacred ritual of spiritual alchemy: 
liberating the self, freeing the mind, and nourishing the soul through daily restorative practices and connecting with the self.
Nourish your mind, body and spirit with our crystal potion bottle necklaces and use to practice aromatic breathing throughout the day or the ritual of anointing.
Cherish yourself goddess 
To use: Simply unscrew the top bead of the vial and use the included dropper to fill your necklace with your essential oil, perfume or moon water. The necklace can be used throughout the day in the rituals of aromatic deep breathing or anointing as perfume.
Amethyst properties: positive transformation | stress relief | balance
Amethyst intention: my life is filled with joy and ease and I trust myself to overcome any challenges I may face.
Chakras: crown | third eye
Suggested essential oil pairings:lavender, sandalwood, frankincense

Product features:

  • 100% natural crystal essential oil vial
  • 29 inch high-quality real gold-plated brass chain (adjustable to 31")
  • Holds 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil, perfume or moon water
  • Crystals are cleansed and charged prior to shipping
  • Includes oil dropper and necklace care guide

*Because our vial necklaces are made from 100% natural crystals and stones, colors, pattern, and size may vary slightly.





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