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Selenite Chakra Pendulum by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Bring purification and alignment into your life with this Selenite Chakra Pendant. Known as the Goddess stone, Selenite is all soothing femininity and divine details. This moon-like pendulum can cleanse and create high vibrational vibes to lift you up.When blended with the seven chakra beads - each connected to a different energy field in the body, you are ready to shine.

“With this pendant, I align my chakras, raise my vibrations, and get ready to give and receive wisdom”


The Selenite Chakra Pendant is the perfect talisman for those who seek balance, clarity and bringing all of their seven chakras into complete alignment. With seven beads - each representing a different energy field on the body from tip to toe, you can steady and ready yourself from root to rise. 

The Selenite Pendulum that serves as the star of this show is also here to support and balance you in every way. Selenite serves up big spiritual moods. This angelic-colored gemstone is all about dissolving fears and worries, encouraging communication with higher powers, and moving you into the embodiment of your full and most fabulous consciousness. Selenite also works across the chakras - most importantly with the crown chakra which helps us to form a bridge between our mortal earth and celestial places. 

Pendulums also bring their own healing energy to the party.This is an ancient and beloved method of tapping into divinity and using the pointed crystal to receive and transmit messages and moods from and to the universe. Pendulums can be used for everything from shifting and cleansing energy to finding lost items and even answering or offering guidance to questions you may have. As the Selenite stone is also known for chasing away the fog of confusion, it’s the perfect stone for embodying truth, sage wisdom and welcoming divine direction. 


  • Genuine Selenite Gemstone Pendulum 
  • 6 facet
  • Pendulum measures 1.25" to 1.5" in length and is anchored with a white metal 6-7" long chain with 7 Chakra Beads.
  • Please note that pendulums are made with natural stones and their sizes and colors may vary
  • All Pendulums can be used successfully to balance the chakras or the entire energetic system as well as individual organs or parts of the body.