Selenite Crystal Recharging Wands by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

High vibrations and deep healing energy can be found in these Selenite Crystal Recharging Wands. Selenite comes in the colors of angel feathers and is a stone of clarity and consciousness. It is exceptionally skilled at removing blockages and can send a burst of bright energy exactly to where it is needed. These wands can be used to cleanse and recharge your crystals in an instant.

“With these wands, I invite cleansing and charging energy to bring my crystals back into balance”


Selenite Wands are a wonder. They are perfectly shaped and poised to direct energy in all the directions you need. You can use Selenite Wands as charging plates for healing crystals, space cleansing, clearing blocks in the body, aura cleansing, and providing a reset to whatever needs to turn a fresh page. Selenite is so good at removing stagnant energywhich is why it works so well in this setup as a crystal cleanser. By leaving it beside your crystals or even on top of your crystals, it will quickly draw out any negative energy or blocks that may have been causing your stone to stutter. It will help return your crystal to that fresh-faced, amplified energy mood. 

Selenite is all moonlight and snow. Its big bright energy works in harmony with the higher chakras meaning that it will ignite your third eye sight and elevate your crown chakra so you can bridge the gap between this world and higher plains. It also helps the heart chakra to open and bloom - inviting love, trust, and harmony to help you move through this world as light as a feather. 

The Selenite Wand helps you to shed all shades of anxiety and worry and instead embrace crystal clear clarity, liberated thinking, and healthy insight. Life can be tough and sometimes we need a refresh and a divine dose of energy to help us keep moving in the right direction, the Selenite stone can bring exactly that and so much more.


  • Set of 2 - Each wand is 5.5 inches
  • Natural unpolished rough Selenite Wands
  • Do not put it in Water. Selenite will dissolve



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