TableChamp Coffee Table Rio With Storage Solid Pine Wood - Twelve Different Sizes And Ten Colors by TableChamp

Oak Antique
Oak Antique - White
Brazil - White
Honey - White
Walnut - White
White Pine
Shabby Chic

Fulfilled by our friends at TableChamp

Brand: TableChamp

Product Specifications

  • Twelve different sizes: 47x30 - 47.2x31.5 - 55.1x31.5 - 63.0x31.5 - 70.9x31.5 - 31.5x31.5 - 39.4x39.4 - 55.1x35.4 - 63.0x35.4 - 70.9x35.4 - 78.7x39.4 - 94.5x39.4 - Inch
  • Solid Wood - Brazilian pine from plantations
  • Standard Height 17.7” for Coffee Table (if you need another height, send is an email)
  • Space vertically under the table: 13.2”
  • Space horizontally table widths minus 8"
  • Plate thickness 1.3 inch - extremely stable
  • 4 extremely solid feet, dimensions 3.5” x 3.5”
  • Hand-made unique item with individual character


  • CLASSIC DINING ROOM TABLE: Solid Pine Wood, Rectangular. Also perfect for kitchen or living room.
  • NATURAL OILED FINISH: Resistant to water, coffee, wine, other liquids. Ask any maintenance questions.
  • This furniture is a smart choice for family, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels and bars.
  • Also available: Extension Plates, Chairs, Benches. All hand-made individual, unique items and easy to assemble.
  • Brazilian Pine wood made in agreement with environmental authority. Reduces greenhouse gases - rapidly-growing plantation material.

Presentation of the Stains / Finishes:

Oak Antique





Two-Colored with White



Oak Antique - White

 Shabby Chic


    Details: TableChamp is Furniture for Eternity. It stands out thanks to its timeless design, Pine in A quality. It's extremely stable and it has a unique natural look. The surface is treated with natural oil. It protects from liquids or any other contamination. The wood can still breathe because TableChamp is not made of a dead material like MDF.

    For treatment, we recommend using furniture oil. The best products that we found with incredibly perfect results is the Guardsman Deep Clean and the Old English Oil.