The Divination Crystal Grid Set by Conscious Items

Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items

Align your chakras and connect to an unimaginable level of intuition using this Divination Grid Set. Chakras are the divine force within our own energy power. They must be balanced if you seek knowledge larger than the physical realm. Activate each Chakra in a crystal grid and use the high frequencies of these multi-colored stones to connect to your own intuition and greater insight. 

Root: Use Red Jasper to spark creativity and passion

Sacral: Enjoy Tiger’s Eye for motivation & success
Solar Plexus: Turn to Green Aventurine for calmness, luck and to find purpose
Heart: Rose Quartz is nature’s nurturer, use it for love & healing
Throat: Grab Sodalite for communication, logic and to see the truth
Crown: For the Divine, use Amethyst to deepen your knowledge & peace

The large Selenite Heart calms you, elevates your intuition and keeps your chakras clear. As Selenite is a natural energy cleanser, you can also use it to regularly cleanse the other stones.

How to use: Write down your intention and place it underneath a Clear Quartz, preferably in the center of a crystal grid pattern. Place the remaining crystals around the grid in a way that feels most intuitive to you. 

Affirmation:I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe.

As these are natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.



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