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The Secret Language of Light Oracle Transmissions From Your Soul Cards

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: The Secret Language of Light Oracle



The Secret Language of Light Oracle: Transmissions from your Soul Cards


The impulse to create and energise peace, love and fulfilment is alive within you. This glorious oracle works with the mysteries

and secrets of the light to illuminate the rich possibility and potential inside you. The light is a constant guide and support,

and its language inspires, empowers and activates your soul spark.

Step into the wonder of the light through the inspired insight of Denise Jarvie and the radiant artwork of Daniel B. Holeman to

enliven the love, vision and strength of your heart. Access the wisdom of these stunning cards through the specifically designed

meditations, reflections, and exercises for divination, contemplation, or revelation. You can also work through the 45 cards and

detailed guidebook for a complete soul mastery class. The language of light speaks to eternity, to life, and to you. Tune into its

secrets and shine!

note:The instruction manual is a PDF file. Please scan the QR code on the box with your mobile phone. The instruction book can be read and downloaded online. You can also print it out. This is the reason why our products are cheap, but we mainly do a good job on the quality of the cards. , The color of the card is real, the thickness is very thick, strong and durable, and it will not be wrinkled for many times, I wish you a happy use! thankyou!


Number of sheets: 45 sheets
Size: 10*7.5*2.5cm
Weight: 130g
Language: English





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