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Trojan Magnum Condoms 

Ready to experience the ultimate in comfort and protection? Meet Trojan Magnum Condoms, the condoms made especially for men with a larger-than-average-size penis.

Condomaniacs LOVE Trojan Magnum Condoms because...

👉 They're extra big. Trojan Magnum Condoms are wider, longer, and thicker than regular condoms, with dimensions of 55mm width, 190mm length, and 0.07mm thickness.

👉 They're super comfortable. These large size condoms are designed with comfort in mind, so you won't have to worry about a too-tight or too-loose fit.

👉 They keep you safe. Trojan Magnum Condoms are made with high-quality materials and rigorously tested to make sure they provide reliable protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.


If you find standard straight-wall condoms too restrictive or irritating to the head of your penis, try a comfort-fit shape condom such as the Trojan Magnum.

The comfort fit shape starts with a snugger base and flares out toward the head - giving extra room for more movement and added material for more friction and pleasure for both partners.



These condoms are great for both vaginal and anal sex. Larger size. Comfort fit shape. Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip.

Don't let size hold you back from experiencing the best in protection and comfort. Give Trojan Magnum Condoms a try and see how they can take your intimate moments to new heights of fun and safety.

Trojan Magnum Condoms by