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Unicorn Anal Plug Set by B-Vibe (Limited Edition) by Condomania.com

Fulfilled by our friends at Condomania.com

B-Vibe Limited Edition Unicorn Plug Set


Featuring a uniquely magical twist texture to their medium-sized plug, this vibrating hole horn is specially designed to send users into euphoria with 6 vibration patterns and 10 levels of intensity.


Prepare to shoot rainbows with our premium, 5.3 inches, rechargeable, vibrating plug. With a unique magical twist to our medium plug design and a 19-inch detachable tail, you'll be galloping through euphoria in no time!

B-Vibe Limited Edition Unicorn Plug Set-1

Every item in the B-Vibe Limited Edition Unicorn Plug Set is there to dazzle with the magical charm of pleasure. With the already mentioned B-Vibe Unicorn Plug and colorful detachable tail, there is also a drawstring pouch for convenient storage (and adventures on the go), a glow-in-the-dark sticker set, limited edition B-Vibe enamel pin, B-Vibe's sex-educator approved Guide to Anal Play! 

Lastly, included is B-Vibe's Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Lifeso users can feel magical inside and out.



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