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Where There Is Light by Tiny Rituals

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Let the spiritual wisdom and profound insight of the great masterParamahansa Yogananda provide a guiding light as you navigate today’s high-stress world. From the author of Autobiography of a Yogi, you will find this book brimming with beautiful adviceselected from the writings and lectures of Sri Yogananda’s teachings. 

“With this book, I have a place to turn to when I need wisdom and empathy to ease the way”


Paramahansa Yogananda is globally recognized as being one of the most important messengers when it comes to wisdom and teaching. Celebrated as being the teacher who brought ancient yoga to the west back in the 1920s, he has dedicated his life to bringing the teachings of the east to the west. For those who seek deeper spiritual insights and awareness, guidance and healing, affirmations, and the tools needed to find inner security in an uncertain world, this book can serve as a starlight in the darkness. 

Filled with warmth, eloquence, and ever engaging, the topics covered in this uplifting book are richly diverse; from perfecting human relationships to getting to grips with death and uncertainty, the power of affirmation and prayer, how to transform ideas of failure into success, finding antidotes for anxiety and stress, and nurture wisdom and strength so you can find your true path and align your decision-making process accordingly. 

Every word counts in this timeless collection and for those who want a book that provides a perfect pick me up and fills their heart right up, Where There is Light can become an integral part of your mindfully meditative routines. Each chapter shines alone but each also works to build a beautiful solid foundation for which you can feel your soul expand and grow. 


  • 255 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Author - Paramahansa Yogananda




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