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About Nellie's Way Beauty

 I started Nellie's Way Beauty for hair growth and moisturizing oils, my hair was always feeling so dry and it was breaking off because it was dry and I felt self conscious. I couldn't find the right combination of products that would keep my hair healthy looking without weighing it down. I did everything that I could think of and finally got fed up and shaved my head bald! I began to research and mix oils until I got the perfect combination that has done wonders since. 

Only doing this for my own frustration, my friend complained of her hair woes and I told her about my oils and how it was working for me. She tried it and after a month she called me and said, " you need to bottle this and sell it, because its amazing!" So,  I did Nellie's Way Luxuriant Hair Oil! But I didnt stop there, anyone who knows me, knows I love to change up my look ALOT!  And with an array of colors and styles it would defeat the purpose of healthy hair if I dyed and fried it with all the colors I have worn. So my next mission was finding quality hair extensions that didnt tangle, shed, or look like a rats nest after being styled! I found that too! Now, I have my own brand of Bundles, lace wigs, clothing, shoes and make up!

Why proclaim to be "Her One Stop Shop To Slay All Day!"?

I work promote inner and outer beauty but I work with women to enhance the feeling of self empowerment and self care. When you look good you feel good and the Nellie's Way Beauty motto is Be Bold Be Yourself Be Slay'd and through hair care, extensions, make up and some sexy clothing it can change a woman's perspective, and it is my goal to empower the perspective of self for all women!

Welcome to Nellie's Way Beauty!





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