3Pcs 12-Sided Dice Astrology Tarot Card Multifaceted Constellation Dice


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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Tarot Card Dice

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1、The astrological scorpion is a kind of divination that is separated from astrology and exists independently. He is a divination tool that uses the astrological knowledge to become an independent system.
2、Fun and easy way to learn astrology traits while gaining insight.
3、Gives daily guidance helping to make better choices and decisions.
4、Perfect for balance and personal growth.
5、Predict the outcome of a future course of action or situation.
Astrology Dice Divination
Fun and easy way to learn astrology traits while gaining insight.
Gives daily guidance helping to make better choices and decisions.
Perfect for balance and personal growth.
Predict the outcome of a future course of action or situation.

The astrological scorpion is a kind of divination that is separated from astrology and exists independently. He is a divination tool that uses the astrological knowledge to become an independent system.

Applicable to friends gatherings, lover exchanges, leisure and entertainment, you can use the opportunity to chat with friends, talk about entertainment, talk about the present and the future, talk about work, career and family divination, unravel the other side's confusion, and ease the pressure of survival according to people's pursuit of happiness.

An instinct, with astrological scorpion can bring self-satisfaction and choice, is a means of pursuing spiritual balance and spiritual rest.

The astrological scorpion is convenient, and the three scorpions contain various changes, but the scorpion is not omnipotent. It is the reference of our life, which is the guide when we are entangled.

Material: Acrylic
Quanlity: 3pcs
Creative multi sided dice for astrologers
Size Chart:2cm x 2cm

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3pcs Dice





3Pcs 12-Sided Dice Astrology Tarot Card Multifaceted Constellation Dice