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Amazonite Energy Anklet by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Welcome flow and hope into every step with the Amazonite Energy Bracelet. Nicknamed the Hope Stone, Amazonite is famed for being one of the best healing gemstones of inner strength, intention, and brims with soul. The blue-green shades are all about soothing energy and learning to let go and go with the flow. 

“With this anklet, I move through life with integrity, clarity, and full of flow”


The Amazonite gemstone is rumored to be the gem that lined the shields of the Amazonite warriors. A stone that is luminous with light, strength, and a sense of power, Amazonite is connected with all the elements of earth and water. Together, these elements and the chain anklet, keep you connected and tethered to the world beneath your feet, all while encouraging flow and movement and following the surge of energy wherever it may take you.

Amazonite is both a throat chakra and a heart chakra gem. Holding both the shades of green and blue, it cleanses, heals old wounds, and encourages ease of communication. The heart chakra is how we learn to give and receive love and when it is unblocked we can leave mistrust and fear behind. The throat chakra is how we connect and communicate verbally to the rest of the world. It is a link between the internal art of expression and the external. In the physical sense, it can also help regenerate cells and balance thyroid issues. 

Emotionally Amazonite can help soothe and ease anxious thinking.It helps you to let go of thoughts that are burdensome and instead move through the world with a sense of lightness and creative wonder. Wearing the Amazonite beaded anklet for women is a glorious way of connecting to feminine style and living under the spell of love, honesty, integrity, and clarity. 


  • Faceted Genuine 4mm Amazonite Gemstone Beads with silvery beads & Tiny Rituals Tag 
  • Adjustable Strong Cord 
  • Size Small measures 7.5" fits Ankles 7"-8" 
  • Size Medium measures 8.5" fits Ankles 8"-9" 
  • Size Large measures 9.5" fits Ankles 9"-10" 
  • If you're in between sizes, size up 
  • Stone colors may vary slightly Comes with a description card