Amethyst Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals


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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

A flash of silver and the crack of Amethyst to open the heart and the crown, this Amethyst Silver Ring sings out with all the psychic ripples of the universe. Silver is the promise of the Gods; a precious metal that taps into dormant physic abilities, wearing sterling silver gemstone jewelry is sure to help you see further.

“With this ring, I am ready to shine my light in the darkest corners”



A band of bright sterling silver sets the scene for the mysteries of the universe to seep into your aura. Silver is harnessed to the moon, it holds the strength to turn the tides, and it crosses the skies of night with the power to change in shape and mood while still staying light and bright and peaceful as she casts her glow out into the world. Silver works closely with the hormones (just like the moon) and is connected to our ability to see all that is before us with clarity, to tune into our own intuition, and to strengthen our connections.

Enter Purple Amethyst, the perfect partner for a metal that speaks softly to our deeper intentions. Amethyst healing is all about raising those vibrations and building bridges that link the physical world to the spiritual sides that we cannot always see. This special stone has been beloved and revered by everyone from Bacchus to Catherine the Great and is often synonymous with stories of the High Priestess. To say that Amethyst has unearthly powers would surely be an understatement. This lavender hued stone is pure heaven – always ready to sweep away those dusty anxieties and to set your inner scene for great things to come.

Amethyst and Silver together are a vibrant force, but that doesn’t mean they are here to overwhelm. The healing elements seep in everyday, leaving you feeling cloaked in light and love and ready to pull back the veil on what the world wants to show you.


  • Made of .925 sterling silver
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

Amethyst Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals