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Black Bathtub Tray by Royal Craft Wood

By our friends at Royal Craft Wood

  • Movable outer rim SPA trays;
  • Convenient wine glass slot holder;
  • Foldable & removable, water-proof book/tablet stand;
  • Neat, cup & candle niche;
  • Sleek, secure phone slot;
  • Robust and resilient surface with heavy weight capacity;
  • Anti-slip configuration for seamless bathing;
  • Bonus soap dish included with each purchase;
  • Offer free expedited shipping & up to 30-day returns.

DARK WOOD BATH CADDY: Our black bath caddy has brought a new sleek and luxurious look to the market. Designed to accommodate up to 2 bathers for a romantic setting on demand! Its modern design, neat compartments, and extendable handlebars transform it into a new luxury for an in-home SPA or date night experience like never before. Also, a great way to wind down and practice some self-care! Ideal as a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, wedding, house closing gift, and more, don't let it stop there; this is the perfect gift for those who matter most in your life!

WATERPROOF, STURDY, AND BUILT TO LAST: We know the struggle in getting distinct smells, stains, and odors out of your beloved wooden pieces, which is why our black bathtub tray is constructed from all-natural bamboo. Its raw wood composition and lacquered finish give it a nonporous surface that is water- and odor-resistant. Made so you don’t have to fret over your food, wine, or self-care products from seeping into its wood grain fibers. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some bubbly

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD CLASSIC DESIGN: You should never feel prevented from splurging on the things you love simply oversize and dimensions. We've gone the extra mile to ensure each dark wood bath caddy is expandable to meet just about ANY bathtub on the market. Simply extend its arms and watch it grow from 29.5" to 43" in no time! Made to accommodate a broad range of narrow to ultra-wide, stand-alone bathtubs. Its silicone gripped lining also ensures your tray stays in place as you soak.

FREE SOAP HOLDER: This classic black bath tray features all you need to de-stress. It comes with 2 detachable spa trays for holding your soaps, luffas, and more; a convenient wine and cup/candle slot to set an ambient atmosphere; as well as a removable and waterproof book/tablet holder so you can catch up on your latest read or favorite TV show.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎30 x 9.84 x 2.56 inches
SPA Storage Slots: 2
Item Weight: 5.58 Pounds
Material: Bamboo Wood
Finish: Lacquered
Free Soap Holder
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