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Brass Hanging CONE Incense Burner 3.75" by OMSutra

Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

This little hanging brass burner can be used for burning resin incense, cone incense, and powder incense. Use this hanging brass Incense burner a few times a week to burn resins and herbs to clear your home. The small size of this burner makes it easy to store or carry with you when traveling. It can be hung or placed on a table and is also perfect for use on an altar.

Its yellow brass has a shiny look and is beautifully decorated with clover-shaped holes that allow the smoke and aroma of the burning incense to fill the space. This is a tough little pot that's not too big or too small as smudging accessories.

Its top can be easily removed for cleaning or refilling.

Try anyone from the assorted collection of our brass Incense Burner.
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Contains: 1 burner

Color/Finish: Polished Brass

Size: Height: 3.5" 

Diameter: 1.5"

Made in India



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