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Create Clarity in Your Calling Bundle by PleaseNotes

Fulfilled by our friends at PleaseNotes

Are you starting a new passion project or career but you're not feeling 100% ready?

This happens to a lot of us, questions of;

"Is this the right business for me?"

"Can I actually be successful?"

"Am I kidding myself?"

Release yourself from the fog of Imposter Syndrome and Create Clarity in Your Calling! This system was created to help you retrain your brain for success and boost your self-confidence and sense of surety so you can build your business from a state of clarity and power instead of concern and scarcity.

In one afternoon you'll release doubt and create new habits of thoughts so you can feel powerful and rock-solid as you grow a business you love, and live the amazing, magnificent, delicious life that you desire.

What makes this different from other courses?

Unlike other coaches or workshop companies, we know the only thing that makes lasting change is when you know how to find the answers within yourself. In teaching you how to do that, you'll be able to direct your time, money, and energy towards your business instead of paying for answers that just leave you with more questions.
All the answers you are looking for are inside you. Learning how to draw them out and create with intention, so you can support the people that are waiting for your unique gifts to help them. 

This bundle gives you;

1. Journal Your Way Wealthy Online Workshop: ($85 Value)

You’ve heard about how great it is to journal, figure out the next steps in your calling, and learn how to open your money valves with these great techniques!
By learning new, effective journaling processes, you will be able to amplify your manifestation practice, integrate the practice of journaling into your daily life, and create a vibrational anchor that will lead you to the successful life you desire.

Some of us know in our bones we are meant to be rich and do great things. We can have the career we love, do meaningful work, have juicy ideas come into fruition, and are still waiting on the cash. So what gives? Since money is energetically drawn to us, when you change the way you feel about money, decide that it’s always here to help you, and retrain your brain to allow it to come, then the magic happens.

Journaling helps you do just that by connecting you to your inner thoughts and beliefs in a clear, undeniable way, and helps you activate and align your super-, sub- , and conscious mind so money can pour into your existence with ease.
You've heard about how great it is to journal, come learn how to use it to help you in your day to day life.

Bring an intention to:
  • Get clarity on your calling and the abundance you desire.
  • Build a stronger connection with your internal guidance system.
  • Release a thought pattern that isn't serving you.
  • Manifest magic in your life with grace and ease.
  • To help you get to the heart of YOU, the event will include: a Centering Intention, 4 journaling exercises facilitated by Cheryl Sutherland, Founder of PleaseNotes
Please come to class equipped with;
  • A Journal or Notebook
  • A Pen or Pencil

2. Guided I Am Meditation ($15 Value)

This centering Meditation helps you connect to your intuition and inner calling so you can step into the successful version of you. 

3. Guided Money Flow Meditation ($15 Value)

Change the way you feel about money so that you can allow it to support you in creating the things that you desire. This meditation will help you dissolve the blocks you have to receiving your abundant life, allowing finances to flow in quicker and easier.

4. Journaling Prompt and Affirmations Bundle ($30 Value)

Powerful prompts and affirmations are the way to change your mindset and find the clarity you’re seeking. 

What's included:
  • 4 Square Journaling Process
  • The 4 Essential Habits for Business Success
  • The 5x55 Manifestation Process
  • The Fill in the Blank (Check) Abundance Exercise
  • The Power of I Am Ebook
  • 100 Gratitude and 100 Journal Prompts
  • The I Won A Million 7 Day Abundance Exercise
  • 10 Affirmations for Business Success
  • 10 Affirmations for Attracting Love
  • 10 Affirmations to Increase Wealth
  • 10 Affirmations to Increase Your Courage
  • 10 Affirmations to Calm Anxiety