Crystal Pendulums by Tiny Rituals

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Swing yourself to serenity and sublime healing with the crystal pendulum. Crystal pendulums have been used for centuries and are the perfect way for calling on the cosmos to help guide you. As visionary tools, you hold the pendulum between your index finger and thumb, ask a question, and whichever way the pendulum moves will steer you in the right direction.  Sometimes the right answers can be hard to find, but crystal pendulums are the perfect compass to help you chase stars and dreams.

“With this pendulum, I turn to the universe and my own infinite wisdom and trust it will show me the way”

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Amethyst Pendulum for higher purpose thinking. This crown chakra gem is the ultimate spirit cleanser. A gem of gentle purple energy and crystal clarity, the Amethyst pendulum can effectively cleanse the space, elevate your sense of being, and help scattered minds make significant decisions and nurture their inner peace.

Lapis Pendulum for communicating with your higher consciousness. A mystical blue stone that can be used for third eye awakening, dream awakening, astral travel and so much more, the starry blue and gold glory of Lapis can lead you home. 

Rose Quartz Pendulum for finding loving guidance. This heart chakra gem makes for the perfect loving pendulum, leading you down paths paved with pure joy, open-hearted trust, and timeless tenderness. 

Green Aventurine Pendulum for asking the heart. As a gorgeous green heart chakra gem, Green Aventurine guides us to strength, success, and a heart centric yes to our one true direction. As a stone that harmonizes and comforts us, this gleaming green stone soaks us to the bone in luck and golden joy.

Black Tourmaline Pendulum for powerful protection. For those who want to stay safe and stable when dowsing, the jet energy of Black Tourmaline can help you nurture your complete psychic being all while keeping negative energies firmly at bay.

Chakra Pendulum for full-body balance. For those who want a clear line of energy from root to crown, the Chakra Pendulum gets in touch with all seven energy points on the body, keeping you vibrating at the very top of your game. Use our stunning Pendulum Mats for the best results. 

  • 6 facet
  • 6 variants 
  • pendulum measures 1.25" to 1.5" in length and is anchored with a white metal 6-7" long chain to an end bead.
  • Please note that pendulums are made with natural stones and their sizes and colors may vary.
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Crystal Pendulums by Tiny Rituals

$19.95 $70.00 71% Off