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Dragon's Blood Red Sage Smudge Stick 4" - 1 bundle by OMSutra

Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

Dragon's Blood White Sage Smudge 4 inch Stick for Smudging

Dragons blood is a powerful natural plant resin. Used for centuries for a variety of ailments, it continues to be used in traditional medicine.

Dragons Blood Sage or (Red smudge sage) is California White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick. Two of the most popular items in 1 stick. Great for cleansing, negativity removal, and protection

Listing is for 1 Sticksbundle.
Each Dragons Blood Sage Stick/Wand is usually 4 - 5" long.

This is a hand-tied natural item so please allow some variance from item to item.



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