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Ecuadorian Rose Box by LA PAREA WELLNESS

Fulfilled by our friends at LA PAREA WELLNESS

Description: Celebrate life with this spa gift set thoughtfully made to enhance all your senses.
Filled with natural and nourishing products to help you relax, find balance and some me time.
Made with all natural and organic ingredients designed to restore and refresh the body and soul.

  • Ecuadorian Rose Candle 7 Oz
  • Cleaning Soap 
  • Massage Oil 1 Oz.
  • 2 Bath Bombs
  • Rose Herbal Body Scrub 5 Oz.

Overall Ingredients: Ecuadorian Rose, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Orange Oil, Vit E, Distilled Water & Shea butter and Soy Wax.

Overall Volume: 30 Oz.

Use:Take a day for yourself, even if it is for 10 min, just relax, and nourish your body and soul with this set. Start by changing the environment, light a candle, Fill your tub and add one of our amazing bath bombs. Get inside. Exfoliate your whole body with our special soap and scrub. Enjoy.




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