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Post Procedure Get Well Soon Set by LA PAREA WELLNESS

Fulfilled by our friends at LA PAREA WELLNESS

Description:  We introduce our Post-Operative Get Well Soon Set, which include 8 special natural products for your skin and mental care. 

  1. Beauty Nap Mask: special material for your eyes and perfect to block the light out so you can have a nice nap.
  2. Recovery Deodorant (unscented): this natural deodorant block dirt, impurities and bad smell, without having a strong aroma, that may cause discomfort.
  3. Soothing Aloe Lotion: This lotion was made with essential oils and will keep your skin hydrated and soft. 
  4. Kaolin Clay Soap Bar and Recovery Soap Bar: two natural special soap bars that help clean impurities and bacteria, while leaving your skin soft.
  5. Recovery Balm: Natural Ointment to moisture your skin.
  6. Vanilla Lip Balm: vegan lip balm with vanilla essence. 
  7. Gold Tin Candle: for those needed aromatherapy moments, when a lighted candle can calm stress and relief anxiety.

Total Size: 20 Oz.

General Ingredients: Soy wax, shea butter, almond oil, calendula oil, beeswax, tea tree, oatmeal, aloe vera, kaolin clay.

Use:Just got out of surgery or had a baby? or was it a long day for your love one after a chemo or radiotherapy session? We all deserve some "me time" and to be able to relax and enjoy even if it is for a moment in the middle of the storm. This set is perfect to let relax, rest while nourishing and healing your skin and mind. 



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