Emerald Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals


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A precious stone that has inspired poems, queens, and rich mythology - the Beryl Emerald Gem is all about eternity and everlasting love. This regal version of Beryl has long been celebrated as being an exquisite stone and here it comes set in the shining sterling of silver - ready to bring shades of growth, rejuvenation, and an opening of the heart chakra that calls for big love to bloom. 

“With this ring, I celebrate a soft and strong heart and bring spring energy into my soul”


Beryl and Emerald have the same chemical formula and are structurally the same material however the price of emerald and beryl emerald vary dramatically, even though Beryl Emerald shares the same healing benefits. The vibrant Emerald Stone shares its ruling planet with Mercury, meaning it brings big vibes of wisdom and intelligence to the party. It’s a gem that is rich in nourishment and back in Ancient Greek times, it was even believed to ward off sickness if strung around the neck. Its bright green glow oozes health and well-being and it does bring strength to every cell in the body. 

Beyond the physical world, Emerald is also a deeply spiritual and well-balanced emotional stone. Above all - it is a heart chakra stone. Like many green gems, Emerald clears out any junk that is blocking your heart, inviting abundance, trust, and authentic deep connections to take all the space they need without the tendrils of fear getting all caught up. 

Emerald also helps us to embrace our power and lifts us back up when we are feeling low. It is a stone that brings calm and collected energy all while helping us to rekindle our sense of self-esteem and inner strength. The flash of silver in this ring also brings emotional balance, cleansing and clarity, and the promise of deeper healing.


  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver 
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9 
  • Made in India with Love 
  • Comes with a description card 
  • Genuine Beryl Emerald gemstones, not dyed

Emerald Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals