Fair Trade Astamangala Copper Healing Bangle by Tiny Rituals


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Lovingly crafted and whittled from the wonder of 100% pure copper, this Astamangala Copper Healing Bangle depicts the eight ancient auspicious symbols of Buddhism etched into its surface. Crafted by our Fair-Trade partners in Nepal, this copper bracelet brings healing to both the body and the spirit. Copper is renowned for being a bright conductor of energy and the eight symbols echo with life lessons you will want to carry with you.

“With this bangle, I stay illuminated with universal truth and conductive energy”

The Astamangala Copper Bangle is a tour de force of divine enlightenment and healing. Made from warm copper - the bracelet glows in shades of reddish-brown, keeps your body invigorated and infused with energy, and heals all those aches and pains. Etched with the eight symbols of the Dharmic philosophy, these celestial carvings represent the illuminated mind. 

Right-coiled White Conch - The pure coiled conch with its far-reaching melodious music awakens us from our deep slumber. 

Precious Umbrella - Protects us from harmful desires and illness. The dome of the umbrella represents wisdom and under the cool shade, we can enjoy the feast of compassionate pleasure. 

Victory Banner - Celebrating the art of overcoming, the victory banner reminds us that in body, mind, and speech we can overcome obstacles and continue our path to healing. It also represents the victory of Buddhist doctrine over harmful forces.

Golden Fish - Swim freely and without fear through the ocean of life. The golden fish reminds us not to drown in our own suffering, but to be free enough to go with the flow.

Dharma Wheel - Let the golden wheel turn as it represents the rapid transformation revealed in the teachings of the Buddha. 

Auspicious Drawing - The great unions come together - wisdom and method, emptiness and dependence, knowledge, and compassion. 

Lotus Flower - A symbol of divine purity in body, speech, and mind. The lotus flower can bloom in great beauty despite growing out of the murkiest depths.

Vase of Treasures - Lifelong riches can be uncovered when one finds spiritual wealth.

  • Handcrafted copper bracelet with Astamangala Symbols 
  • 100% Pure copper 
  • 6" length - Fits wrist 6-7.5"

    Fair Trade Astamangala Copper Healing Bangle by Tiny Rituals