Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Call on serenity, spiritual bliss, and the all-seeing qualities of a clear mind with this Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring. Flashing with the light of a thousand promises, this glowy gemstone ring is here to purify, amplify, and help you get higher when it comes to connecting with the universe. An ancient stone that seems to merge the energies of chilled out Amethyst with the wisdom and clarity of Clear Quartz, with the Herkimer Diamond on side, you can shine.

“With this ring, I attune, adapt, and amplify so that I can spiritually connect to any situation”


The heavenly Herkimer Diamond is a tonic for both the body and the soul, but it's in the spiritual realm where this gem truly steps into its own power. An amazing amplifier, this piece of cut starlight can effectively shake out any stagnant energy, send you on your way with astral traveling, and help you to connect with your spirit guides. Dreamy and divine and brimming with ethereal energy but in a way that still helps you stay grounded, the Herkimer Diamond ensures you have all that you need to adapt and attune to any situation. 

High vibrations ripple through this rare gem and having it placed on your finger invites deep soul cleansing to be done at all times. This stone allows you to let go of anxious thoughts and feelings, dispel old fears, and surround yourself with a radiant light that keeps your chakras cleansed, your aura strong, and your dream state working at the highest level possible.

Along with all the alignment and finetuning that the Herkimer Diamond brings, you also have the potent healing properties of silver too. Shining bright, silver is known for its ability to balance big emotions, soothe a frazzled state, and also works at welcoming your mind into a place of sheer tranquility too.


  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver 
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9 
  • Made in India with Love 
  • Comes with a description card 
  • Real Herkimer Diamond Gemstones, not dyed

Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals

$68.95 $148.00 53% Off