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Home fragrance White Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick 7"- 8" - 1 Bundle by OMSutra

Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

This white sage lavender smudge mix can be used to begin a spiritual spring cleaning for your soul or your house. Burning sage in your home allows you to remove all the negative energies and experiences that have accumulated over time.
Lavender is traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat many infectious diseases. Smudging with lavender evokes protection and cleansing.

Natural sage bundle, lavender buds not vibrant color due to out of harvesting period.
These bundles are hand-harvested. 4”-5” long and are perfect for smudging small areas like a meditation room.

Our powerful blend of dried lavender & white sage attracts positive energy and opens the heart chakra. When Lavender is mixed with White Sage the effects of purification, concentration and cleansing are further enhanced.

This sage is highly aromatic & burns slowly, enabling its smoke to carry its purifying properties throughout a room.

The product comes packaged in a sheer drawstring organza bag

One bundle is one piece. The price is for one bundle.