Home fragrance White Sage & Royal Lavender Flower by OMSutra

Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

White Sage & Purple Lavender Flower Smudge Stick 4" - LIMITED EDITION.

A Limited Offering of white sage and royal lavender flowers. 
Purple lavender is also known as "Royal Lavender" or common lavender. This is a limited-time special sage bundle. Use it in your ritual ceremonies, house cleansing, purifications, and to bring in good energy, and for its pleasant aroma.

 This sage is highly aromatic & burns slowly, enabling its smoke to carry its purifying properties throughout a room. The product comes packaged in a sheer drawstring organza bag.

Natural sage bundle and lavender buds are not vibrant color due to out of harvesting period. These bundles are sustainable hand-harvested ethically sourced from the USA. The bundle is  4”-5” long and is perfect for smudging small areas like a meditation room.



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